SFS 6002 Electrical Safety Training online

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SFS 6002 Electrical Safety Training

SFS 6002 Electrical SafetyTtraining in English is available as an eLearning online course.

Sign up here! https://tva.fi/lms30/product/english-sfs6002-online-course/

We can provide you with the best option for you and offer this module in 3 different methods. Independent eLearning, webinar or traditional class room option. If you prefer classroom training, there will be 8 x 45 min lessons per group. Minimum group size on invoicing is 10 persons. Sometimes hybrid methods are used (webinar introduction + eLearning)  This training can be organized in Finland or anywhere in the world. 

Safety at electrical work training consists of the key elements of the electrical safety standard SFS 6002. In addition to the regulatory and legislation environment, the participants learn the hazards of electricity as well as the correct operational, working and maintenance procedures of electrical work. 

  • All persons who perform electrical work must pass electrical safety training according to the standard SFS 6002 at least once in every five years.
  • Training is legally obligatory for electricians, installers, experts and their supervisors.
  • Training certificate is valid for 5 years. Training certificate in pdf form and also SFS6002 card when purchased. 

SFS 6002 electrical safety standard requires first aid preparedness. We have prepared a training module based on this requirement.  Complete the online course here. 

Here you can find what we offer with this:

  1. SFS 6002 Online eLearning training at www.tva.fi/trainings.  Price 169€ with pdf certificate and 197€ with also SFS6002 card Certificate. 

All certificates  will be given after the test is passed and payment has been verified.

  1. SFS 6002 with required First Aid Training (First Aid Certificate valid 3 years) Price 168€.  Online or classroom implementation.
  1. SFS 6002 classic class room training. Minimum group size on invoicing10 persons.

All prices vat 0% 

You can make the order here whenever you want and pay with a credit card. 

In case you want to make a group order and/or pay through invoicing contact: trainings@tva.fi