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TVA Consulting organizes  Hot Work Certificate Training for Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Hot work procedure is simply about knowing the risks and acting accordingly. After risk evaluation (including e.g inspection of premises, construction materials, gas testing, sprinklers, detectors etc.), the hot work area is cleaned and all sources of flammables are either removed or then protected. ”Move what you can, cover the rest” This is essential for risk management. In addition we must also be ready in case of something happens and have suitable fire extinguishers, hot work guard and so on. Book your crew the training and we are happy to provide you a comprehensive training on this subject.

Hot work license training system is coordinated by Finnish Rescue Association that is known as SPEK. (Suomen Pelastusalan Keskusjärjestö)

Examples of hot work:

  • Welding
  • Grinding
  • Flame cutting
  • Gouging
  • Usage of hot air gun or heaters at temporary hot work sites

Hot work permit is personal and it is valid in Norway, Finland and Denmark.

How to organize a Hot Work Safety Card Training?

Hot work license training is a one day training with theoretical aspects for example on fire hazards, fire prevention, duties and responsibilities. At the end of the day there is an exam and an initial fire extinguishing practice.

Hot work license training is a one day training and consists of

  • Hot work safely
  • Responsibilities and obligations
  • Identifying the risks related to hot work
  • Risk management and safety measures in various operating environments
  • Action in emergency situation
  • Exercises and test

According to The Confederation of Fire Protection Associations Europe: Hot work training in Finland has reduced Hot work related fires significantly and millions of euros have been spared. Here is a link for an article that was published some time ago There has also been similar experiences elsewhere.  As an example in Sweden, the result of the stricter rules launched by Brandskyddsföreningen and the insurance companies in 1990 is 80% fewer fires caused by Hot Work. Therefore as a conclusion: Results of obtained Hot work procedure have been excellent leading to fewer hot work related fires, saving lives and economical losses.


  • Are there any traveling expenses?

    Traveling expenses with a car 1,10€/km. As fun as traveling is, it is unfortunately not free of charge: Traveling time 39€/hour (vat 0%) when traveling outside of the Turku area. Traveling expenses can be negotiable with bigger groups.
  • What counts as hot work?

    Hot work is any operation that could create a fire. So in case in work: - produces sparks (welding, grinding) - usage of live fire (propane torch) - other heat sources (hot air guns, some heaters)
  • Which training languages do you have?

    Our direct training languages are English and Finnish. How ever we have done hundreds of translated training sessions, so working together with an interpreter is something we are very familiar with. Also we have a quite a versatile collection of training materials in different languages.
Valid for:
5 years
Required for:
Training is for persons who supervises hot work activities, grants hot work permits or performs hot work (for example welders and fitters) at temporary hot work sites.