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2009: Quality awarded by Center for Occupational safety.
2013: Awarded for Hot work license training by Finnish Rescue association and Finnish fire chiefs.


Phone: +358 50 530 8943

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Timo Vahtera

"As your business relies on Safety Certified professionals, you can rely on my services to deliver safety training when you need it and where you need it" 

You probably have not seen our advertisements on  social media. We don't actually do that. We prefer to focus to provide great service to our long term customers.

Thank you, if you are one of the many. If not, as you found your way here, you are cordially  welcomed to become one! 

850 Occupational safety card trainings
570 Hot work license trainings
20000 Participants


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As you can see our training territory is quite wide.

Phone: +358 50 530 8943

Safety equals quality

All personnel at the work place must be aware of correct procedures as well as safety regulations and act accordingly. Accidents cause suffering, delay projects cost money and cause bad publicity. Safety is an important quality indicator.

Safety is not a cost, safety is an investment. Hot work licence and occupational safety card trainings are common requirement in Finland.  Principal employers require these licenses for all of the personnel that work in their area.

 We can also help you to obtain Swedish SSG ENTRE SAFETY PASSPORT  Card that is equivalent training for Finnish occupational safety card. 

Systematic safety work has also produced results.  As an example, back in 1988 before hot work license training began, in 1987  37% of all the fires were Hot work related. Nowadays approximately 5% of bigger industrial fires are related with hot work.

TVA Trainings provides safety consulting and organises Hot work-, Occupational safety card trainings and other safety trainings. 

Trainings may be organised in customer’s facilities or at TVA's meeting room near Turku, according to customer’s needs. We have arranged more than 1500 safety trainings (Safety management, Occupational safety, Hot work safety, Electrical safety, First Aid) 

Please notice that Occupational safety card training and Hot work license trainings require your full time participation for the day. When Occupational safety card training is scheduled 8-16 you are required to attend until the end, so please do not make any other appointments until after the training. Also please notice that course must be registered well in advance. Preferably 14 days but at least 7 days prior to the venue. Please confirm you booking in time.

Trainining can also be arranged as a webinar. Due to Covid-19 restrictions each participant needs to have their own device to attend. Device (laptop/tablet/smart phone) needs to have a camera so we can ensure participation. Camera does not have to be on all the time, but when needed for discussions etc. 

Long term customer relationsships are the greatest acknowledgement of excellent quality and successful service but we have been also Quality awarded by Center for Occupational safety (2009) and by Finnish Rescue Association and Finnish Fire Chiefs Association (2013) 

Working in electrical facilities or in their immediate vicinity contains special risks and people are required to take electrical safety training which is based on Finnish electric safety standard SFS 6002. You can also do this safety training with our popular  SFS6002 eLearning module 

We also provide consultation services, risk evaluation, emergency planning and can help to fulfil government requirements, such as organising Occupational health care services or act as a  your company's representative in Finland. This requirement is with posted workers act. Non Finnish companies who do not have a branch office in Finland, need to nominate company's representative, with permanent address in Finland.


Terms of delivery:   Please verify your booking in time as confirmed order will take over unconfirmed one. Also sometimes plans change, which is understandable. However booking is binding for both parties.   Booking can be cancelled with out fee minimum 7 days before the event!  Cancellation less then 7 days before, we will invoice 50% of the total price.   Cancellation less then 3 days (Mo-Fri are counted) before the event 100% of the total price will be invoiced. Participants can receive temporary Certificate after the training. Official Occupational safety cards and Hot work licenses will be delivered after invoice has been paid. Traveling expenses with car 0,99€/km.

As fun as traveling is, it is unfortunately not free of charge: Traveling time 39€/hour (vat 0%) when traveling outside of Turku area. Traveling expenses are negotiable with bigger groups.

Training time is 8 hours. We can be flexible with the starting time, so training time can be 9-17 or 10-18 also instead of "normal" 8-16. Traveling further then 2 hour drive from Turku, we need to book a hotel and price of accommodation will be added on the expenses. This is also the case when starting time in Helsinki area is at 8 (due to morning traffic jams)

 At later start time, we can drive there in the same morning 

GDPR and overall Data protection: On some safety courses (Occupational safety card, hot work license training) participants need to pass on certain personal information,  name&date of birth. This information is needed only for card registration to Center for Occupational safety for Occupational safety card and registration to Finnish rescue association for Hot work license.  After this information has been transferred to registry holder and cards have been received,  we delete the original papers by shredding and/or burning. We do not use this information for advertising or pass your personal information to any other third parties (except above mentioned card registers)

I never knew safety could be so much fun

This was the best safety training I've seen

Very unpredictable and entertaining, I never knew what was going to happen next

One of the most dynamic trainings I have ever been to


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