No Panic Training

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How to Manage a Threatening Emergency Situation?

No-panic training gives you the confidence and practical skills to deal with different types of emergencies. An emergency situation occurs unexpectedly. Some people may become paralysed and panic. Others are able to keep a cool head and know how to react in an emergency. It is worth preparing for these unexpected situations and practising your emergency skills. The training provides the means to deal with a wide range of situations. We have put together the most important emergency skills in this package: the training includes a wide range of practical exercises, from CPR to the use of first aid equipment as well as fire extinguishers.

The employer must provide first aid for employees and other persons at the workplace. Workers must be instructed on the steps to be taken to obtain first aid in the event of an accident or illness. 

These skills are not only invaluable within the workplace but extend to various settings outside of it. Feedback from participants underscores the significance and utility of the training content. Furthermore, the No Panic training program seamlessly integrates into a company’s CSCE (Corporate Social and Civic Engagement) initiatives, with flexibility to customize content according to specific needs.

Course content can be tailored based on customer needs.


  • Which training languages do you have?

    Our direct training languages are English and Finnish. How ever we have done hundreds of translated training sessions, so working together with an interpreter is something we are very familiar with. Also we have a quite a versatile collection of training materials in different languages.
Valid for:
First Aid 3 years, other part 5 years.
Required for:
Emergency preparedness for all workplaces.