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Occupational Safety Card Training in English

Occupational safety card training is also known as the “green card training”. Trademark belong to Center of Occupational safety and training is conducted according to their instructions and regulations.

Many of the large industrial companies have notified that they require an Occupational Safety Card from all of their employees and subcontractors. It is not required by law but by companies. Occupational safety card course is designed for industrial suppliers and builders and personnel in shared work places.

Occupational safety card indicates that the card holder has been educated on occupational safety matters by completing Occupational Safety Card Training. The training creates a solid, unified basis for task specific and site specific induction. 

We are happy to provide you with Occupational Safety Card Training

Duration of the training 7 hours + exam and it  includes lessons about working at a shared workpalce, safety issues, responsibilities, risk management and procedures. Training also includes group exercises and exam. Notice that one must attend the whole time. Registration needs to be done at least one week before the training venue, so please take this into account also when booking. It is also possible to organize a training with shorter notice time, but that requires a special permission from Center of Occupational safety.

Alternative option – eLearning module TVA Occupational Safety Course

We also have an eLEarning module called TVA Occupational Safety Course which covers basics on Occupational safety in Finland. Please check with your company if they have preferences or requirements about the training and card type.  If you need the training for one or two persons, or that you want to do this at your own time and pace; this e-learning could be a good option for you.

In case you need specifically the Swedish Entre SSG card we can also help to administrate that course for you.


  • Why is the group size minimum 9 persons?

    Actually we've organized trainings numerous times just for individual participants. How ever, as most of these trainings take the whole day regardless of the amount of participants, it is not unfortunately just economically possible to organize a full day training for one person for a price of one. This group size is referring to invoicing. Naturally this applies only to webinars and class room trainings. On eLearning trainings there are no minimum participant amounts for invoicing
  • Which training languages do you have?

    Our direct training languages are English and Finnish. How ever we have done hundreds of translated training sessions, so working together with an interpreter is something we are very familiar with. Also we have a quite a versatile collection of training materials in different languages.
Valid for:
5 years
Required for:
Principal employer or client determines training requirements for the shared work place.