Safety Consulting for Companies

Rescue Planning

In an emergency, you need to know what to do

In the event of a medical emergency, fire or other unexpected situation, being prepared is essential. Being prepared for an emergency often plays a crucial role in how the situation unfolds. The right action can save lives and health and also significantly reduce property damage. When a situation arises, it is a battle against time and this is where the importance of advance planning and preparedness becomes very clear.

The purpose of the emergency plan, which is a legal requirement, is to act as a tool to prevent accidents and ensure the right response to an emergency. The plan can also be used for training purposes. It identifies the risks and defines the right measures to take and, if necessary, the roles to play in an emergency. During the construction/updating of the emergency plan, we can also possibly correct any shortcomings that may arise and improve the overall safety of your premises. We can tailor and develop an emergency plan for you according to your needs. The emergency plan is always site-specific and cannot be replicated elsewhere.

The correct response of people in an emergency is vital. A rescue drill improves preparedness and the chances of survival in the event of an emergency. If necessary, we can also organize a safety walk and a fire-fighting exercise, for example.

  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Public premises
  • Housing associations
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Risk Management

Risk mapping from the bottom up is the starting point for managing security. After the risk assessment, measures and responsible persons are defined.

There are many different models for risk mapping. Risks can be divided into different categories:

  • Physical risks
  • Mental
  • Ergonomics
  • Accident
  • Chemicals

We can also carry out an assessment as part of a safety inspection and identify potential risk points. We also offer assistance in the safe conduct of fire work, e.g. design of fire workplaces, equipment and selection of fire extinguishers, etc.

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Occupational safety and health action programme

Drawing up an action programme is a legal obligation for companies of all sizes. Occupational health and safety is not a cost, health and safety is an investment!

Managing health and safety issues is important. Well-managed health and safety results in improved work performance of staff and a reduction in accidents, occupational diseases, sick leave and staff turnover.

The action programme starts with a survey of the current situation in the company. This includes an assessment of practices and risks. After the mapping exercise, a programme of measures is drawn up to remedy any shortcomings.

Preventing problems is essential and much more cost-effective than fixing them.

We offer consultancy support to develop an action plan from start to finish. A well-designed action plan provides the tools for long-term improvement.